Club 5 Research Trip

Workshop in Canada

The annual Club 5 assembly outside of regular FIS meetings took place in Canada this year. On the suggestion of C5 member, Lake Louise, the "Calgary Stampede“ and „Spruce Meadows“ organizations were visited in addition to the planned workshop.

„Calgary Stampede“ is one of the world’s largest outdoor events, with around 1.2 million visitors annually. It is regarded as the greatest rodeo show and comprises of horse shows, agricultural equipment exhibitions, Indian cultural programmes and diverse equestrian performances and lectures. --- „Spruce Meadows“ is the biggest riding stables in the world and home to the ultimate outdoor show, the „Spruce Meadows Masters“. The facility hosts the most lucrative show jumping tournament in the world every year, the $ 1,000,000 International. „Spruce Meadows“. Is permanent home to 400 horses, with over 600 staying there on a temporary basis.
„The research trip to both events was incredibly interesting“, reported Club 5 CEO Hannes Huter. Club 5 members were not only given a “peek behind the scenes” of both festivities, but offered a deeper insight of their management and marketing by the organizers. The event is staged entirely using voluntary help, with a backup list of 400 registered “reserve” volunteers.
Everyone ultimately met in Lake Louise for the Club 5-Workshop. This included a summer inspection of the racecourse, which also led through the National Park and its facilities. A bear sighting from the lift was just one of the many highpoints. The subject of prize money was raised again during the meeting. The amount of prize money has remained unchanged for over a decade now, the only changes being fluctuations in the Swiss Franc exchange rate. Differences in the value of other currencies were borne by the Organizers. The Organizers certainly advocate a higher purse for the athletes, despite marketing and TV revenues likely to decline, especially in the women’s racing sector. Together with our partners, the National Associations and International Ski Federation, we will find a solution and develop the „Alpine World Cup“ product. There is nothing standing in the way of the 2015/16 season.
Special thanks goes to Lake Louise Organizing Committee for the great planning and organization of the research trip and workshop.

Pictures Gallery - Canada 2015