Excellent Downhill March 7th and cancelled Super-G March 8th in Kvitfjell - and improvised season finals

March 7th showed Kvitfjell from its best side when it comes to winter weather and course conditions. And people arrived in numbers in the arena up to the time of start. Changing temperatures with sun and snow and rain through the winter, combined with months of work well planned, made it possible to present an excellent downhill course this Saturday. 

The Downhill race was completed without accidents with Matthias Mayer (AUT) winning after a perfect race. He was followed by Aleksander Aamodt Kilde (NOR) and Carlo Janka (SUI). Many good words were given to the organizer from the teams and FIS representatives after the Downhill.
The races in Kvitfjell came to be the last speed races of the Audi FIS World Cup 2019-20 season, since the finals in Cortina had to be cancelled because of the Corona virus pandemic. Therefore, Beat Feuz (SUI), the best Downhill racer this season, was awarded the Downhill Globe in Kvitfjell.
After the Downhill and the prize giving ceremony, “World Cup Kvitfjell Jansrud Race”, a race for girls and boys aged 8 to 12, was organized in the last part of the Downhill course with 125 kids, with timing and live video on the big screen. This created great enthusiasm in the kids and the audience, their parents.
The weather on Sunday March 8th was quite another than on Saturday, with fog and wind and rain. Therefore, the Super-G had to be cancelled. This was the third time a scheduled race in Kvitfjell had to be cancelled since 1993. Then the Super-G Globe could be given to the best Super-G racer this season, Mauro Caviezel (SUI). And the Swiss team could celebrate their victory in the World Cup Nations Cup 2019-20.
After Kvitfjell, Aleksander Aamodt Kilde was the leader of the overall Audi FIS Alpine World Cup 2019-20, and since also Kranjska Gora had to cancel, Kilde is the winner of the Overall World Cup Globe 2019-20.