The countdown begins: One year to go until the World Championships decision

Along with Soldeu (Andorra) and Narvik (Norway), Val Gardena/Gröden is one of three candidates that would like to host the Alpin World Ski Championships in 2029.

On June 4 in fact - exactly one year from now - the Council of the International Ski and Snowboard Federation FIS will decide at the 55th FIS Congress in Reykjavik who will be allowed to host the Alpine Ski World Championships in 2029.

The three bidding committees have 366 days - 2024 is a leap year - to convince the voting members of the FIS Council of their project, and that of the organizers of the World Cup in Val Gardena/Gröden is based on existing slopes, existing infrastructures and existing accommodation facilities. A project that wants to score with the skills and know-how that Val Gardena/Gröden has acquired in almost six decades as the organizer of more than 100 World Cup races with a lot of dedication and passion for skiing. A project in which as many sports enthusiasts from the valley as possible and other parts of South Tyrol and the surrounding regions will participate. And finally, a project that is forward-looking and provides for innovations in a wide variety of areas that will benefit everyone in the valley.

How the Saslong Classic Club and its stakeholders envision the 2029 World Championships is currently being communicated in the dossier. This document, which is extremely important for the bidding process, is a questionnaire in which the World Championships candidates respond in detail to specific questions posed by the FIS. It has to be handed in at the FIS headquarters by August 1.

12 months that will fly by
"The dossier, which a team of six has been working on for over a year, has already been completed in large parts and needs to be adapted and graphically prepared in the coming weeks. After the submission, various commissions of the FIS will visit us and discuss at local inspections whether the ideas we have worked out can be implemented. From now on, there are exactly 12 months until the decision. Still, due to the intensity of many discussions and appointments, they will fly by," says Rainer Senoner, president of the Saslong Classic Club and thus also of the Val Gardena/Gröden bid committee.

June 4, therefore, is a date that will go down in the annals of the Saslong Classic Club, while the curiosity to find out what will be written on the card that FIS President Johan Eliasch will pull out of the winner's envelope on Tuesday, June 4, 2024, in Reykjavik will accompany us for one more year...